Why is a reliable stock control system a cost-saving investment for the pharmaceutical sector?

Make stock control and traceability an easy task with StockAssist Medical

Investing in inventory management technology and systems can be challenging. Aside from the possible complications associated with integrating a new product with existing platforms, the initial investment to purchase and implement a new solution can be high.

In the pharmaceutical sector, the importance of automating the stock control and inventory reporting functionality is of paramount importance.

In addition to offering an overview of the stock value, an efficient inventory managing solution, such as StockAssist Medical, can easily identify when stocks are running low or track products which are expiring soon.

Using RFID and barcode-reading technology, our inventory management solutions, specially developed for the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, can precisely locate inventory batches, serial numbers and final recipients, offering our clients the certainty that their products can be tracked throughout the supply chain, from arrival into the warehouse through to delivery to customers.

Returns can be managed smoothly and efficiently, avoiding the need for excessive paperwork and complicated return procedures.

Automating the inventory management system allows the elimination of human error, resulting in streamlined and cost-efficient processes which impact positively on the reduction of overheads and wastage reduction. All these cost savings ultimately amortise the initial investment in a new inventory management product.

Finally, drawing on the expertise of reputable suppliers, such as KMsoft, will ensure that any integration challenges are quickly resolved.

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