Scanning Fatigue? Find out how the smallest and lightest wearable scanner by Datalogic can help!

The lightest and wearable handscanners on the market perfectly complement our inventory management and tracking solutions

Launched by renowned Italian manufacturer Datalogic last November, the brand-new HandScanner™ is the company’s smallest and lightest non-intrusive hands-free scanner currently available on the market.

Designed to streamline workers’ daily operations, this wearable device consists of an ergonomic elastic hand band which allows the scanner to be positioned on the back of the hand. The scanner is operated through a button which can be pressed using the thumb.

As HandScanner™ is discreet, comfortable to wear and shock-resistant, it allows workers to freely use both hands in their daily tasks, which means a saving of approximately 4 seconds per scan, whilst reducing reading errors by up to 33%.

Unlike other larger and heavier scanners, HandScanner™ can be worn for longer periods of time without the user getting tired and, because of its long-lasting battery, workers can wear this tiny device for much longer without any interruptions.

This is a remarkable development in comparison to the first scanners, which were as big as washing machines!

As with other Datalogic scanning devices, HandScanner™ works particularly well with our GS1 UK-accredited products, including StockAssist Medical, which is specially designed to streamline inventory management efforts in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and other medical sectors.

Combining the latest RFID and barcoding technology, StockAssist Medical offers the ideal automation solution to help manage product expiry dates across multiple locations, reducing the risk of human errors and eliminating wastage costs.


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