The importance of traceability for the online pharmacy sector

Track your pharmaceutical products effectively and accurately with StockAssist Medical

The ongoing pandemic has had implications for businesses across many industries and in particular, the decrease in patients being seen by a healthcare professional for routine complaints has resulted in an increased trend for self medication. This, in turns, has encouraged the proliferation of counterfeit medicines which can be easily purchased online and which can have devastating side effects on patients.

The implementation of an effective tracking system allows online pharmaceutical dispensers to have full sight and  traceability of medicines from the point of manufacture to the consumer, thus making it more difficult for counterfeited items to enter the marketplace.

Furthermore, traceability systems maximise the inventory management effort, whilst reducing wastage and overhead resource costs and facilitating regulatory compliance both at national and international levels.

The implementation of an effective traceability system requires consistency in the unique identification parameters across all the markets. This, in turns, may overlap with some of the stringent data protection regulations, which could pose a challenge to data storage.

However, the benefits of a fully-traceable inventory management solution outweigh the initial investment required in the technology and the set up requirements to ensure the solidity and durability of the system.

Working with an experienced and reliable partner such as KMsoft reduces greatly the risks associated with implementing a new inventory management and tracking system, allowing organisations to focus on establishing new supply chain processes.

Our expertise in inventory management solutions for online pharmacies combines barcoding and RFID technology with the latest ergonomic devices to ensure full visibility of stocks across multiple locations.

Our customer-centric approach places clients’ needs and requirements at the heart of our business, resulting in a fully-dedicated team of expert developers delivering and integrating the best inventory management solution for our customers.

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