From £2000+VAT, followed by an annual cost from £1200+VAT

The average dental practice spends 7% of its turnover each year on stock.

With Stock Assist Medical, you can save considerable costs by reducing your stock wastage to <1%.

StockAssist Healthcare

Managing stock levels inefficiently can result in unnecessary costs from expired products, wastage, overstocking, understocking and product recalls.

StockAssist Healthcare offers you a comprehensive real-time in-depth view of your inventory, allowing you to focus your time and effort on other areas of your business.

Using the latest barcode reading technology, StockAssist Healthcare tracks a wealth of information related to your products, including, location, expiry date, and batch number, which can be easily accessed anytime, anywhere at the touch of a button through the numerous report options included in this package.



No Surplus Stock

Keeping on top of your fast-moving items whilst ensuring your inventory is replenished in time is a fine art. That’s why investing in a reliable stock management software solution can help ensure your stock levels update in real time. Automating your inventory management system allows you to have an overview of your stock at your fingertips, resulting in time and cost efficiencies when managing consumer demand and replenishing your stocks.

Avoid storing unused expired products

With StockAssist Healthcare, you can stay on top of your stock and reduce wastage to less than 1% by knowing exactly when your items will expire. StockAssist Healthcare is built in such a way that it always locates the product which expires the soonest, so that you can be sure the days when you discover unused expired items on your shelves are truly over.


Eliminate Non-Compliance Risk

StockAssist Healthcare facilitates regulatory compliance, such as managing product recalls. By having real-time monitoring and reporting on your stock levels and assets, including end to end traceability so that you have records on where they were last used or deployed, you can have every faith in your inventory management system to keep you compliant.


Make the most of your staff’s time

As StockAssist Healthcare does all the hard work for you, you will be able to focus your time on other opportunities, such as business development and client relationship management.

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What's included?

StockAssist Healthcare cloud-based software

A hand-held barcode scanner by industry-leading manufacturer Datalogic

Direct Thermal Label Printer

Technical support for the first 12 months

Our Bundles


Label Printing

We know that not all stock items come with a barcode label. That’s why our StockAssist solutions come with a direct thermal label printer so that you can print the labels you need.

StockAssist Healthcare can also print all the location labels that you need to be able to store your stock securely.

Hand-held Mobile Devices

We supply best-in-class PDAs to use with StockAssist solutions.

These full-touch hand-held display devices that deliver sturdiness, power and performance in a smartphone form factor with the intuitive, user-friendly experience of Android™.

The devices can be used to pull up reports, scan barcodes, and will alert you when preferred alternative stock is available.

Cloud-based Software

Our cloud-based software has been specially designed to integrate easily with most platforms and features an intuitive layout to streamline your inventory management processes. With a wealth of How-To Guides, you will be controlling your stock in no time.

Ease of Reporting

Our solutions offer complete functionality to perform stocktakes across multiple locations. Our solutions include a suite of report options, with customization available on request

On- & Off-Site Support

Our packages can be tailored to suit your needs, including:
  • On-site installation, setup and training
  • Subscription to StockAssist cloud
  • Multi-user licences
  • Off-site technical support.

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