Covid-19: An Opportunity for Technological Acceleration

Covid has accelerated innovation and new technology delivery

The unexpected outbreak of a global pandemic has had far reaching implications across many industries, with repercussions still being reckoned with today, including the impact on potential consequences for achieving sustainable development with respect to the six global challenge areas as detailed in an article in The Lancet.

On the other hand, the restrictions and challenges brought about by the pandemic have pushed businesses and organisations to radically change their status quo, resulting in the implementation of new technology and processes which perhaps had only been considered as part of future innovation plans.

The acceleration of the roll out of new technology has generated new opportunities for growth, which visionary leaders have grasped and turned into a competitive advantage.

This has been the case for established independent pharmacy Avicenna, who, led by their managing director Bharti Patel, has embraced new technology to continue to deliver exceptional service levels to its customers.

Whilst future-proofing the business was a key objective for Ms Patel, the global pandemic accelerated the requirement to innovate the company’s offering and services. In a short space of time, Avicenna launched a new app, called Manage My Meds, which allows patients to order repeat prescriptions from independent pharmacies. As part of the app, Avicenna are also releasing an online appointment functionality to allow patients to book slots for routine services such as flu vaccination. This functionality will be further expanded with the inclusion of an online booking facility for Avicenna’s private clinics for minor ailments.

In addition, the company reinforced its image of opinion leader by hosting webinars to guide and  provide clarity to its members regarding Government announcements since the start of the pandemic. Furthermore, the company launched Avicenna Academy, an online training portal aimed at providing a wealth of educational material to pharmacy teams. Ms Patel’s drive to position Avicenna as an integral part of the local community resulted in the launch of the company’s first automated dispensing hub in November in Sunderland.

As the Avicenna example shows, the investment in technology, such as inventory management solutions, can optimise resources, allowing organisations to focus their efforts on maximising their business growth opportunities during challenging times.


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