New Scientific Advances Show the Power of QR Technology

QR code illustration

In fisheries and during the fishing process, large amounts of fish can sometimes lead to species confusion. However when fish is sold, it needs to be correctly labelled to the consumer as the species advertised. This issue also extends to sustainable fishing. Indeed, sustainable fisheries need to limit the number of fish caught, and of course the numbers are species-specific.

So how can the process of differentiating and counting be optimised? Well, if you are familiar QR code and supply chain automation technology like we are at KMsoft, the following will not surprise you.

Researchers at the University of Wollogong in Australia launched a tuna-tracking pilot project, where the fish are tagged with a QR code which helps trace the supply chain, from catching to selling. This is done by using a placing a small elastic and tag below the fish’s mouth. Tracing the supply chain of tuna also has potential in the fight against illegal fishing, as the whole process was made transparent.

This shows how QR technology can improve transparency by tracking a product through the entire supply chain, and ultimately increase a consumer’s trust in that product and the company that sells it.

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