How To Reduce Costs And Save Time – KMsoft’s Tailored Approach

At KMsoft, we are proud to have helped our customers save money by taking the unique needs of each business into account. We look for ways to simplify your process and reduce costs for you, using our industry knowledge and expertise in inventory management.

Adapting to your process

If you are looking for a tool that will work with the system you already use, such as Susan from Strathearn Interiors was when she contacted KMSoft, we can advise you so that you will not have to change the process you are used to.

Susan wanted a printer that could integrate with the SquareUP Epos system that she uses, however she did not know which printer would be the most cost effective one, for her specific needs. We were able to advise her, saving her money and time by introducing her to a printer she had not heard of. She is very satisfied with it to this day!

KMsoft will listen and understand what your unique needs are. For this we can even pay you a visit at your site, to get the best idea of what you require.

Recommending the best option

While you might have your eyes on a given product because it works with your existing system, you need to be aware of all the other options that exist, so that you do not waste your money!

Indeed, some of our customers, including Susan, were recommended cost-effective products by KMsoft, that they did not even know existed before! Because we look into and understand your process and needs exactly, we can make sure you are not spending extra for functions you do not need.

Reducing overheads

Our StockAssist software gives you the most important tool a business needs: visibility. This is because you will have access to a detailed account of your inventory in each location.

It will become easy to reduce overheads as you will be able to track the entire production process. This will help reduce lead time, and the visibility given will allow you to optimise and reduce transportation costs.

The easy organisation process will mean that storing and retrieving products and equipment will be very quick, meaning you will make the most of your staff’s time. If you want to go into further detail, you will have the ability to run full reports based on many parameters, which is a function that Damian Byrne of Shin Etsu found particularly useful. You can see your low stock, issues by month, or which products tend to be in overstock.


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