Meet the newest additions to our team!

Meet our newest additions to the team

Two University of Stirling undergraduate students have joined our flagship internship programme, which will involve 5 weeks of useful hands-on experience on real-life business projects.

Luke Skinner and Robbie Cinquegrana, who are both undertaking a four-year BSc (Hons) in Software Development with Cyber Security degree course, have joined us as part of our ongoing relationship with Stirling University.

The students, who will undertake a full internship with us to boost their skills and experience in software development, will have the opportunity to work on two projects: to develop an application programme interface and to deliver a new intranet.

Dr Jim Hay, Consultant in the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Stirling, added: “Finding suitable internships for our students has proved particularly challenging this year because of the unprecedented economic downturn. I am pleased that Robbie and Luke were able to secure these placements with KMsoft”.

Robbie was particularly attracted to this internship opportunity as he wanted to experience a project which could make an impact in a business environment.

I hope to gain more practical experience working in the industry that I can apply in my later career, in particular team working and communication skills. I will also be working in a programming language that I don’t often use, so that will go a long way to becoming more confident in using it. I look forward to working outside of my usual comfort zone, though I am confident I will adjust to it quickly”, comments Robbie.

Gaining real-life exposure to develop his skills while working for an established organisation is something which Luke also finds appealing.

I am hoping to gain experience in technologies I have not used before, such as ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL, as well as general experience in an industry environment” adds Luke.

This opportunity, recommended by Luke and Robbie’s course coordinator at the University, will help boost the students’ cvs as they pursue their career aspirations.

I have a real interest in both Data Science and Software Engineering, so in the future I would like a career which involves working on software solutions which encompass both”, states Luke.

Robbie is keen to continue his personal development journey: “I want to constantly challenge myself to learn and better myself in my field. I want to be able to contribute to the projects I take part in and find the best solutions I can to the given problems”.

At KMsoft, we have a track record of developing tailored internship programmes ranging from software development through to business disciplines such as marketing.

We believe that nurturing young talent is the key to building an inclusive and positive workplace culture, that’s why our internship programmes are specially designed to allow students to flourish whilst acquiring new skills.

On occasion, we do retain some of the students, as it happened with our last intern Mhairi, an Abertay-University-graduate who now works for us in software development.


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