A Q&A session with our latest recruit, Mhairi Campbell

Junior Software Developer tells her journey from university to inventory management tracking solutions job

Recently appointed as Junior Software Developer, Mhairi is a recent graduate from Abertay University, where she studied ethical hacking.

Q – Mhairi, tell us how you heard about this role and what made you apply for it?

A – Well, I was already familiar with KMsoft, having had the amazing opportunity to do my internship with the company last year. It was a very rewarding experience and I thoroughly enjoyed working for such a forward-thinking organisation. The internship also allowed me to develop my passion for software development, which I find very interesting. So when the role came up, I knew I had to apply for it! These opportunities are far and few in between, especially in the current economic climate, and working for a flexible, innovative employer has always been my dream.

Q – Can you tell us what your role involves?

A – Of course. I develop new software solutions, as well as reviewing and maximising the current solutions. I hope that, in time, I will be able to bring new enhancements to our current products to allow our customers to have an even better experience. I have still a lot to learn and KMsoft is the ideal place for me to develop my career.

Q – What challenges do you expect to encounter?

A – Working from home has been very different for me, however the technology is there to allow me to work efficiently. And when I am not sure, I can always message or call my line manager via Microsoft Teams.

Q – What do you think you can bring to KMsoft?

A – Thanks to my background in ethical hacking, I bring a unique perspective into software security, which I know is of paramount importance to KMsoft. I am also not shy of hard work and I thrive on new challenges.

Q – Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

A – I see myself as an established security software professional and on a personal level, I would like to think I will be settled with a family and a few dogs.

Q – What do you like doing in your spare time?

A – I absolutely love digital art – it is something I recently discovered and which I developed during lockdown. I even have my own Instagram page to showcase my crafts.


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