How to manage your Christmas orders efficiently

Manage your Christmas orders efficiently

According to an article by the Telegraph, Christmas orders have reached an unprecedented high caused by the recent lockdowns, which have allowed shoppers more time to plan their festive shopping.

The increase in the number of orders is putting increasing pressure on small businesses, who are striving to fulfil each sale as quickly as possible.

Managing your inventory correctly at this busy time needn’t be stressful. Here are our top three tips to help you along the way.

Too many orders – how am I going to fulfil them all?

Think about it in a positive way. Increased orders mean increased revenue for your business, so Christmas is a great opportunity to acquire additional customers. Using a systematic approach will ensure that you don’t miss any orders.

How can I ensure I have enough stock to fulfil the orders?

Keeping on top of your fast-moving items whilst ensuring your inventory is replenished in time is a fine art. That’s why investing in a reliable stock management software solution can help ensure your stock levels update in real time.

Moreover, the latest barcode tracking solutions minimise the time you will need to spend to physically check your stocks. Automating your stock management effort also means that you can track your returns efficiently.

How can I manage quality issues with my stock?

Having full visibility of when the items arrive in your stock, where they are located and when they leave your stock room will help you investigate any quality issues you may experience.

An efficient software solution can also prioritise your stock to ensure the expiring-soon items are shipped first, resulting in less wastage and increased stock efficiency.


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