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One of the most significant trends to flourish in 2020 is the use of conversational AI in relation to customer service. Conversational AI are technologies such as chatbots which deliver human-like interaction with people. These technologies were developed to help bridge the gap between human and computer language, thus making communication between the two easy and natural.

The ever-growing adoption of conversational AI is estimated to reach a value of $15M by 2024; this is due to the recent developments in the technology combined with increasing user acceptance of AI to complete day-to-day tasks.

Whilst conversational AI is being credited for achieving significant cost savings, the current technology is still limited by its ability to handle first-level questions only, which means that it is unable to solve complex queries. This requires a level of knowledge in users to ensure they are able to adapt their questions and answers to suit the chatbots’ ability and limitations.

This in turn can frustrate less technologically-minded consumers, who may still prefer to deal with a real person or whose question or issue may be too complex for the chatbot to be able to solve it.

At KMsoft, we are passionate about new technology, however our main priority remains providing an unrivalled customer service to our clients. This is why, when our clients get in touch with us, they can always count on the fact that they will be speaking to one of our expert human software developers – and not to a chatbot.


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