Guide to the Wireless Antibacterial Keyboard: How Can it Increase Efficiency?

What is an antibacterial keyboard? This article will tell you all about the technology behind it, and its usefulness in your work space.

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, hygiene has become top priority in all industries. Workers are spending precious time sanitising every surface, especially those which are used often and by several people, in environments such as warehouses and surgeries.

Therefore, workers actually have less time now than ever. This is where antibacterial coating technology comes in. Its texture is designed to be easy and quick to clean. It is a safe option for any medical or clinical application.

Antibacterial keyboards and mice are coated in this material. The surface is ideal for preventing germs or contaminates from hiding on the keyboard or mouse, like they could with a regular design.

Hardware tools that come with an antimicrobial coating can save you time and give you peace of mind by making cleaning easier. Lots of items can come with an antimicrobial coating, from keyboards and mice to mobile computers and label printers.  

The washable nature of an antibacterial keyboard or mouse makes it wholly compliant with HTM 01-05 (Health Technical Memorandum) decontamination in primary care dental practices NHS guidance.

Investing in an easily cleanable antibacterial keyboard is thus a smart way to improve efficiency by cutting down on the time spend sanitising your workplace. It is applicable to anyone who needs to maintain a hygienic space, from dentists to pharmacists.

KMsoft are UK suppliers for the Accuratus wireless antibacterial keyboard and mouse. It features a USB cable which even recharges the keyboard – saving downtime and any inconvenience.

The tempered flat glass of the keyboard also has a selectable tactile and audio feedback controller, allowing the user to achieve their most comfortable typing experience along with a gesture controller in the number pad for full mouse control.

For complete ease and comfort the keyboard comes with an angled and contoured base to assist when using on the desk or on your lap/hands.

This keyboard is specifically designed for environments which have to meet very high hygienic requirements such as hospitals, dental practices, cosmetic surgeries, doctors, vets, laboratories and in food & pharmaceutical production areas.

Not only could these keyboards be used in hygienic areas, they would also be perfect in dusty, dirty and wet situations like workshops, boats and in vehicles. Alternatively, the keyboard would make an excellent statement in a retail store, hotel reception, offices or at home. The options are endless.


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