Meet our new Junior Marketing Manager

Stirling University graduate Annette Lordereau has joined us as Junior Marketing Manager. Annette will lead KMSoft’s social media, advertising and PR strategy.

Annette holds a First-class BA in Literature and Cinema and is joining us after her two-month internship over the summer, where she worked on creating helpful content for our customers.

KMSoft has been developing a marketing strategy as of one year ago, when Michelle Lansdowne joined the company as Marketing Director. Even though Michelle has now moved on from her position, the changes she implemented will guide the company’s marketing strategy.

Joining us as her first permanent position, Annette commented: I think KMSoft is an excellent company to join as a young graduate because of its dynamic nature.”

“As someone who is greatly interested in sustainability, I also think KMSoft’s approach to stock management has great potential in waste reduction and helping companies make the transition to the future of business practices, which will be based on environmental awareness.”

KMsoft’s StockAssist product range includes StockAssist Medical, which is specially designed to help maximise healthcare and PPE stock efficiency, eliminating the risk of wastage, and StockAssist Industrial, which allows precise inventory and warehouse management by providing real-time stock reports, thus maximising time efficiency and accuracy.


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