KMsoft Ltd invests in professional development with Graduate Apprenticeship

Katherine Thomson, director and co-founder of KMsoft Ltd today starts a 4-year graduate apprenticeship in IT Management for Business at Dundee University.

Katherine who comes from a stock control and finance background says

“I’m looking forward to learning more about the IT management and coding so that I can take a more active role in the technical side of the business. A graduate apprenticeship allows me to study without impacting too much on the business and to put the learning into practical use.”

What is a Graduate Apprenticeship?

  • Graduate Apprenticeships are an honours degree which uses work-based learning
  • Graduate Apprenticeships provide a new way for people to study for a degree who are currently in employment, or who want to work in a relevant role gaining the right experience while studying.
  • Employees can broaden their knowledge, learn new skills and secure industry accreditation, which will them progress as professionals and contribute to the business they are employed by.
  • By investing in their staff through the apprenticeships, employers can develop their workforce and support staff to develop their skills to industry and professional standards, in turn supporting the business and developing new solutions to date to day challenges.
  • Because the Graduate Apprenticeship is designed around the needs of industry, employers will have confidence that what their staff are learning at university will directly contribute to the success of the business.

Graduate Apprenticeships are fully funded by Skills Development Scotland, with support from the European Social Fund

For more information on graduate aprenticeships at Dundee University click here


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