KMsoft Successfully Connect to Private 5G Network

Over the years, we have been providing accredited and bespoke software solutions to customers across multiple sectors.

Last month, we began working with The Scotland 5G Centre(opens a new window) to test our StockAssist inventory management solutions on the hub’s private 5G network, to determine if we could establish a secure and fast connection.

We were pleased to find that our testing resulted in a successful outcome, with our software solutions working over a private 5G network.

This success will now enable us to market our products and services to large organisations, that either have implemented or are planning to implement their own 5G network into their factories and workspaces, and allow us to continue improving the key functions of StockAssist.

5G is considered to be the pinnacle of wireless cellular technology. StockAssist has adapted to meet the network’s high standards to offer our customers improved capacity, lower latency, and improved bandwidth.


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