Stock Management 101: How to Reduce Overheads and Save Time

Stock management can often be a laborious, time consuming, and costly, task for organisations that store, handle, or distribute products, but is essential in order to do so effectively. At KMsoft, we recognise the common challenges faced by many organisations and are dedicated to helping our customers to master their stock management with ease and efficiency.

We enable our clients to gain control by automating processes and enhancing visibility with the use of our solutions. This contributes to minimised risk of human error and streamlined operations, not only reducing overhead costs but also improving profit margins and delivering substantial time savings.

Reducing overheads and improving cost savings

Effective stock management relies on visibility, a crucial aspect that is often looked over by many organisations. Having a comprehensive view of stock availability across various storage facilities and distribution channels is essential for maintaining accurate inventory levels. Knowing what stock to order and when can help with upholding customer satisfaction and reducing wastage. By ensuring visibility and traceability of stock, businesses can achieve optimal stock levels to meet demand and reduce overheads.

Saving time

Stock visibility also improves productivity. Effective product management enables assets to be stored and retrieved quickly and efficiently, as an effective stock management software solution holds relevant data on products, and supplies real-time inventory reports, ensuring quick stock retrieval and better use of staff’s time. Effective stock management speeds up processes, and with a solution like StockAssist, processes are automated, reducing the need for manual time-consuming labour.

At KMsoft, our expertise in stock control and asset management have allowed us to work closely with many organisations to help them to improve operational efficiency. Previously we helped a client to improve their operations and ultimately reduce overheads and save time by integrating their existing system with a cost-effective KMsoft solution. Throughout the integration process, we worked closely with our client to ensure that all of their requirements were met and the solution we created would effectively mitigate their ongoing challenges and cut their overhead costs by half. This has since enabled our client to focus their time on more important aspects of their business, such as their customers, as our solution has enabled efficient stock control and management.

If overhead reduction and time savings are something your business could benefit from, we can help you to achieve this within your desired time frame and budget. Need more convincing? Check out our case studies to read about some of our existing customers and how we have helped them to achieve operational excellence.

If you would like to learn more about how KMsoft could help you to reduce overheads and generate time savings, get in touch today via email or call us on 01896 345 350.


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